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The Purpose and Benefits of Beard Balm


Our Premium blended beard balms are made up of all-natural ingredients that are gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, and as all of our products cruelty free. Natural oils are essential to growing and keeping a healthy beard.

Beard Balm - when you are beginning the Beard man’s journey as well as when you have the beard that you hope to acheive, it should be for the purpose of controlling that look. It allows for the styling of those errant whiskers. The four essential ingredients are Beeswax, the Butter, the Carrier Oils and the Essential Oils. 

Beeswax – Its foremost feature is that it will give the beard hold and shape. Without it you can’t have Beard Balm. It is used both in Beard Balm and Moustache Wax. Moustache Wax has a higher concentration of it as it needs to hold and shape more than just nourishing and moisturizing. It is used throughout the personal care industry as a stiffening agent. It will supply the hair with essential nutrients like vitamin A.


These descriptions and definitions are those expressed by the producers of these premium ingredients.

Carrier Oils

These are few of what we use as it depends on what we are trying to enhance or to eliminate from the beard experience.


  • The Carrier Oils – Carrier Oil is the term used to describe a base or vegetable oil that is being used to dilute the essential oils and other absolutes before they are applied to the hair and skin, hence the term carrier.​

  • Coconut Oil – One of the best oils to advance the growth of your beard. A fuller beard faster. Because of its natural properties it is provides for soft, healthy beards while keeping the skin underneath nourished and moisturized.​

  • Jojoba Oil – This oil is used in most skin and hair products as it resembles sebum, the waxy substance naturally produced by the skin glands and it acts as a skin conditioner. It has anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties for preventing common problems beardruff and brittle hair.

  • Olive Oil – This oil dates back to antiquity as to its use for growth and nourishment of hair. This is attributed to the fact that it is a compound of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. This gives it a natural ability to moisturize both your beard and the skin beneath it. It should be noted that it also is used to prevent hair loss.

  • Argan Oil – This oil is one of the best for beards as it promotes a fuller and healthier looking beard.  This is due to its high concentration of vitamin E . This vitamin contains the antioxidants that promotes the cell growth that produces healthy hair. It is this oil that controls the frizzes and gives your beard a softer and shinier appearance.

The Butters
  • Shea Butter - the #1 feature is that it is a natural moisturizer. It is high in vitamins and fatty acids and helps to protect the skin’s natural oils. This gives the balm its spreading texture, allowing the balm to melt in your hands. While doing this it delivers, into the skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging components. Its anti-inflammatory property, lupeol cinnamate, has been found to reduce skin inflammation making it beneficial to those that suffer from acne. It aids in the production of the skins natural collagen as it contains oleic, steric, palmitic, and linolenic acids that nourish the skin against dryness. It is high in Vitamin E.

  • Mango Butter – This butter, Mango butter, is similar to cocoa butter, but is firmer, also it is much better in that it is less waxy. It is a great skin moisturizer as well as containing anti-wrinkle agents and it protects against harmful UV rays. It is used to eliminate beardruff and heal the skin.

The Essential Oils (EO)

The Essential Oils that we use pure and organic. They are used for the purposes of maintaining and enhancing the health of your beard. They, when used with the carrier oils, address specific maladies that we may experience. Dry skin, psoriasis, acne, ingrown hairs and brittle facial hairs and the general well-being of the texture. They are responsible for the fragrances and the shininess and/or matte finish, that we might desire. The Essential Oils found in Western Man Beard Products are as follows.

•    Peppermint EO
•    Lime EO
•    Tea Tree EO
•    Cedarwood EO
•    Bergamot EO
•    Lemon EO
•    4 Clary Sage EO
•    Frankincense EO

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