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Country Man Collection 


This style of beard is well groomed. It is one that is easy to maintain in good health. Although the nourishing oils provided by the skin cannot reach the extent of the hair. We have developed grooming products that will aid in the maintenance of this style of beard. Our Beard oil is blended to have a super saturation capability that will stay with you all day long. 


When using this Western Man Premium Beard Oil, place about 3 to 4 drops in your palm and rub your hands together. Then starting from underneath stroke your hands outward then back through the beard several times. When you look at your hands afterwards if there is a lot of oil still there, next time use one drop less. Do this until you discover the correct amount for your beard. You could rub the excess on you scalp hair to give it a remarkable sheen. 


The Western Man Beard Balm in this collection is also formulated to give the underlying skin the nourishment that that it will need to prevent dry and scaly skin. This beard balm will also help to style the look that you are looking for while conditioning the hair to the roots. You apply this, first by using you thumb nail to scrape a portion about the size of a penny, and then rubbing your palms together and stroke your beard to the style you want to present. 


The Western Man Moustache Wax comes in two different types, one for medium hold and the other for firm hold. The medium hold is generally used for that errant hair that seeks its own way and the firm for that guy that wants the handlebar look. You choose which best works for your intention. 


The Western Man Beard Soap is specially formulated of premium organic and essential oils as the shampoo you use on your scalp hair is made containing non-organic chemistry which is not good for beard maintenance. You can use any and/or all of them for this type of beard. But watch out…. Your significant other might find that they like it for their usage and pow! you’ve lost it. It is that luxurious. 

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