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Alfred J. Coxe, Founder and CEO of Western Man Products gives a background story of what inspired him to create the new men's grooming line. See more below.

First, I am an individual who has had some fashion of facial hair for the past 25 years. From the long full-blown beard of the backwoodsman, then the well-groomed one, moustache and van dyke and then the short-cropped shadow beard worn by so many today. 

My different experiences have allowed me the opportunity to have a first-hand knowledge of what it takes to maintain a healthy- and good-looking beard. The learning process of what should be in a product that you choose to maintain the beard of choice has been, a sometimes uncomfortable one and sometimes a great one. From beard itchiness to hair breaking off, to giving it the nourishment that would give me the look and feel I wanted. This was the challenge.


This business has taken those different experiences, Backwoodsman, Van Dyke sportier and Shadow beards man and developed different products with only natural organic and essential oils. Products that address the healthiness of the under lying skin and the growth of a strong and vibrant beard.

So how is it different?

We have Collections of products that address each of the types that were mentioned before, they are Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Beard Soaps, Moustache Wax and coming soon, Lip Balm and Tattoo Creme.

The Backwoodsman which we call the Mountain Man Collection, the Van Dyke Sporter which we call the Country Man Collection and the Shadow Beardsman which we call the City Dweller Collection. 

Each of these collections has ingredients specific to the growth process and the health process of their respective types. Each has carrier oils and essential oils that will enhance the character of the beard you hope to achieve.

Read the dropdown menus to see further what these ingredients are and why they are unique to your type of beard.

Enjoy your Beard – Grow in good health!



Jakob Owens, Javier Reyes, Jonathan Zerger, Renata Fraga, Steven Erixon, Frank Marino, A.Joseph Coxe

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