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Handcrafted natural soap is good for the skin -


Our handcrafted bar soaps are the mildest of products that can be made. Natural handcrafted soap is made with essential oils, vegetable butters, aloe and sometimes oatmeal is added.

With a few exceptions, there are no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives used in the manufacture of our handcrafted natural soaps. To use our soap, as well as any other, you should carefully review the ingredients of the soap. 

Shampoos and body soaps are not intended for use on your beard, as they tend to strip the natural oils and moisture from your beard and skin. 

A component to beard care is regularly using a beard soap. Our beard soap will bring out all the right qualities of your beard and will not cause side effects like split ends and flaking skin. Beard soap is perfect for any man with either a slight stubble or full-grown beard. Utilizing natural ingredients allows our beard soap to be perfect with any skin type (oily, dry, normal, or a combination of those), and men with sensitive skin.

Our beard soaps are without a doubt, the best on the market. Let's first take a look what's in them. Made up of premium all-natural ingredients, they have a delicate balance of oils, waxes and essential oils. 

•    Coconut oil 
•    Saponified olive oil
•    Mango butter
•    Cedarwood EO
•    Vanilla EO
•    Bergamot EO
•    Musk EO
•    Bay Leaf EO                     
•    Fir Needle EO
•    Woad powder (for the rich, blue color)


We also use green oxide, brown oxide and Brazilian clay for color, nourishment and moisturizing qualities.  As you are  probably using this product in the shower, it isn't meant to take the place of our beard oil but as an enhancer to your beards stability. The aroma will dissipate relatively quickly.

Notice what ingredients are not in our products, parabens (preservatives), SLS, SLES and synthetics fragrances.

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